Real Estate Investors

With extensive experience in property investment and management, Yuval Bracha & Co
provides legal advice and representation in all matters related to real estate.

Your local partner, we deal with each and every aspect: negotiations, transaction and land
acquisitions;signing contracts with landowners; handling permits from relevant authorities;
handling lease agreements with the Israel Land Administration (ILA); executing agreements and
financing; filing sales agreements for registration at the Israeli Land Registry “Tabu”, and
much more.

Our clients include real estate investors, contractors, developers, and landowners.

Corporate Investors

Based on our in-depth knowledge of local and international business, Yuval
Bracha & Co. is uniquely qualified to represent and act on behalf of foreign investors.

We deliver a one-stop-shop: feasibility studies, negotiations, and licensing; contracts;
purchase agreements; Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A); joint ventures (JV); takeovers of
local companies.

Mediation, Arbitration, Notary & other services

A boutique law firm, Yuval Bracha & Co. pays personal attention to each and every
one of our customers.

A certified notary, Yuval Bracha is able to notarize documents for government
agencies and overseas authorities. Very few law firms in Israel offer this service.
Known for a stellar track record in mediation and arbitration, out firm’s
philosophy is that all parties benefit when legal matters are settled outside of the
expensive and time-consuming court system.

Yuval Bracha & Co. is happy to offer additional services, such as IP protection and
expert advice, as well as specialized services via our network of strategic

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